'Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass'

 by Lewis Caroll

When Alice falls down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland, she enters a world where nothing is as it seems. Who can Alice trust as she navigates this weird and wonderful land of magic? Will she find her way home? In “Through the Looking Glass”, the second half of our story, Alice must play for her life as she takes on a rather dangerous game of chess – and the fearsome Jabberwock.


SUTCo’s production of this timeless classic will be a dark, exciting and above all playful take on a trip inside Lewis Carroll’s miraculous mind. 

Wednesday 25th – Saturday 28th October 2017
University of Sheffield Drama Studio, Shearwood Road
Doors 7:00pm Curtain 7:30pm
£5 Wednesday/ £7 Thursday– Saturday (£6 Advance)
Available from: Students' Union Box Office, SUTCo.org

Production Team

Director - Meredith Graham

Producer - Pippa LeGrand

Production Manager - Nick Young


Alice - Cerys Hayes

Hatter - James Huxtable

March Hare - Henry Braggins

Cheshire Cat - Isabelle James

Dodgson - Kieran Jenkins

Caterpillar - Cora James

Queen of Hearts - Charlotte Schofield

White Rabbit - Helen Coyle

White Queen - Kate Alhadeff

Red Queen - Caitlin Johnstone

King of Hearts - John Ireland

Duchess - Megan Thomas

Red Knight - Reuben Gorman

Tweedledee - Sam Dickinson

Tweedledum - Sam Ward

Edith - Rosie Davenport


Tech Officer - David McNeil

Stage Manager - Hélèna Langfield

DSM - Ellie Pickersgill

ASM - Ben Wimsett, Simon Alford

Lighting Designer - Vincent Crasborn

Chief Electrician - Lewis Brand

Lighting Operator - Daniel Cross

Projection Designer - Richard Almond Graphic Artist - Agata Grettka/Navya Hebbar Sound Designer - Adam Carter Sound Operator - Rowan Read

Set Designer - Navya Hebbar

Set Constructor - TBC

Costume Designer - Viktor Heegaard Costume Assistant - Nora Murphy, Tali Neesham-mctiernan

Make-up Designer - Heather Elkins

Make-up Assistant - Paige Cockbain