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Rachel, Iz, Liv and Esme - And Then There Were None Prod Team

Tonight is the dress rehearsal of 'And Then There Were None,' and I sat down with Rachel and Iz (Directors), Liv (Producer), and Esme (Production Manager) to discuss our week 5 show.


George: What made you decide to do this show?


Rachel: We chose this play because it is an extremely exciting play with complex characters that we thought that many actors would hugely enjoy taking part in; hopefully they have! 


Iz: It’s an exciting play with the classic ‘whodunit’ style, leaving the audience guessing until the very end. It's also a well known show with an author who is know for writing incredible stories and this one definitely doesn't disappoint, and so it would be a shame to miss out on seeing this show!


G: What made you switch from tech team to directing?


I: Both of us have been involved in too many productions to count since joining SUTCo last year, including at least one Prod managing role each. We have been intrigued by the roles that exist outside of the tech side and we wanted to challenge ourselves to broach the other side. So when Rachel suggested directing together I was super on board.


G: How have you found the switch? 


R: It was quite a jump at the beginning, we very much hit the ground running as the way you plan and run rehearsals is very much up to you and as we've only been in a few rehearsals during our time as techies I think we felt a little at sea but over the weeks we've definitely settled into it and are really enjoying the process.


G: Liv, How has first time producing been? What about this show has been fun to produce? 


Liv: ATTWN has been a great show to produce as I’ve had confidence in the team from the outset, and it’s a lot easier to publicise and promote a show that you believe really is worth seeing! I’ve enjoyed being part of a production team and finding out a bit more about what needs to be done in creating a production besides rehearsals. A highlight for me was the cast and crew meal we had last week as it was great to get everyone together for some good food and a chat.


G: Esme, tell us a bit about technical elements of the show.


Esme: The set on this show is absolutely incredible! Mia and Katie have done such a great job getting all the furniture and props. I’ve never ached so much in my life after having to carry it all to the drama studio, but it looks amazing and it’s so worth it. The get in went really well and I'm so excited to see everyone's hard work pay off this week!

G: How have rehearsals been? 


L: I’ve loved popping in on rehearsals from time to time, and have always been impressed with how everyone’s doing. From our cheese and wine read through to the runs last week, the rehearsal process has been great fun.


G: Anything to look out for/favourite bits? (Without giving too much away)


L: I saw the ending for the first time since the read through in rehearsal last week and still haven’t got over how well it was executed, everyone working on it really has done amazingly!


I: All I would say is keep and eye open, there are some subtle clues to look out for and some good foreshadowing if you've got your brain switched on and want to know who's done it


E:I love the show so much because you notice new details and something different every time you watch it- I’ve read the script and watched the BBC adaptation more times than I can count and I’m still noticing new plot points!

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'And Then There Were None'

Wednesday 6th March - Saturday 9th March 2019

Doors open at 7:00

Show starts at 7:30


£5 adv. Wednesday

£7 (£6 adv.) Thursday - Saturday

Sheffield University Drama Studio, Glossop Road

Tickets available here

Content Warning: Contains scenes of violence, on stage death, blood, alcohol abuse and references to hanging, suicide and mental health.