'A Streetcar Named Desire'

 by Tennessee Williams

"The Kowalski apartment is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is home to Mr Stanley Kowalski and his pregnant wife Stella. After an unexpected visit from Blanche, Stella’s sister, brings bad news, tensions run high and hidden truths are unearthed to explosive ends”


The 1947 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Tennessee Williams is often regarded as one of the finest plays of the 20th Century and is sure to leave you shocked.


Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th October 2016
University of Sheffield Drama Studio, Shearwood Road
Doors 7:00pm Curtain 7:30pm
£5 Wednesday/ £7 Thursday– Saturday (£6 Advance)
Available from: Students' Union Box Office, SUTCo.org, or call 0114 222 8676

Production Team

Director - Mike Alexander

Producer - Tom Brindley

Production Manager - Lily Barker


Blanche - Kirsty Magee

Stanley - Jack Young

Stella - Caitlin Hawkins

Mitch - Alex Cosgriff

Eunice - Pippa Atkinson

Steve - Tom Rigby

Pablo - Sebastian Belli

International Woman - Madison Bean

Paper Boy/ Doctor - Michael Saliba


Stage Manager - Olivia Cousins

Deputy Stage Manager - Ellie Pickersgill

Assistant Stage Manager - Peter Isaac

Set Designer - Jessie Romain

Assistant Set Designer - Ana-Marie Valisache

Lighting Designer - Matt Giles

Sound Designer - Adam Carter

Sound Engineer - Ed Daniels

Costume Designers - Hannah King and Sabrina Senior

Lighting Operator - Josh Lawlor

Sound Operator - Richard Almond

Chief Electrician - Sam Costelloe

Technical Officer - Lauren Eggleton


Keys - Tom Crathorne

Tenor Saxophone - Matt Jacobson Trumpet - Jack Hardwick

Bass Guitar- Ben Evans

Drum Kit - Sam De Wolf