Amelia Luckett will be twenty-one next month. On her birthday, she will make her first appearance to fashionable society at the traditional debutante ball, and secure an eligible bachelor for a husband.

Except Amelia has already found the love of her life: the groomsman Jack is her forever, but she must keep him a secret. Meanwhile, rich young lawyer Harry Davenport is attempting to gain Amelia’s uncle Eugene’s blessing to marry her, something Eugene is unwilling to part with.

But when tragedy strikes, it is up to Jack to find the truth, and Amelia to navigate her unpredictable uncle, before it’s too late.

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Production Team

Director - Saskia Dowley

Producer - Maddie Farnhill

Production Manager - Megan Roberts

Cast & Crew

Amelia Luckett - Bella Gualano

Jack Owens - Roddy Thompson

Eugene Talbot - Finn Lappin

Maud Talbot - Megan Collier

Flora Methers - Maddy Whitby

Harry Davenport/CI Stubbs - Xander Gillespie

Miranda Featherby - Victoria Breach

Morgan Beck - Daisy Robinson-Beesley

Stage Manager - Kane Lawrence

Assistant Stage Manager - Ethan Rzeskiewicz

Set Designer - Sabrina Lam

Sound Designer - Holly Roberts

Costume Designer - Edie McQueen

Chief Electrician - Simon Alford

Lighting Designer - Ruibo Qi

Lighting Operator - Micheal Palser