'Doctor Faustus'

 by Christopher Marlowe

Dr. Faustus is a young go-getter; handsome, intelligent, and cunning, he has everything given to him in life without even trying. Learning all there is to know about science, law, medicine, and religion, Faustus quickly grows bored of his life, and begins to search for something better, something new to quench his thirst for knowledge. That is when he finds the thing he truly wants above all else... unlimited power. The price? His soul.

Stumbling upon a book of necromancy, the young man summons a demon named Mephistopheles and agrees to sell his soul in exchange for three things: omnipotence, Mephistopheles’ servitude, and total knowledge of the world around him. His wish is granted.

But Faustus should be careful for what he wished for.


Disclaimer: contains strobe lighting, scenes of violence and themes of a sexual nature.

‘Doctor Faustus’
Wednesday 8th-Saturday 11th March 2017
Doors 7pm, Curtain 7.30pm
Sheffield University Drama Studio, Glossop Road
£6 Wednesday (£5 Adv.)
£7 Thursday-Saturday (£6 Adv.)
Tickets are available from the SU Box Office or www.SUTCo.org

Production Team

Director - Madison Bean

Producer - Megan Moore

Production Manager - Emma Pollitt