SUTCo Elections Process

Committee elections are held annually at the end of April or start of May. During this time every committee position is open of re-election. An exception to this is for the role of first year representative which is elected in the Autumn semester. A by-election may be held during the year if a committee member resigns their position.

Applying for a Committee Position


If you are interested in applying for a committee role a digital application (linked below) must be submitted to This form must include your name, the position you are applying for (not for a by-election) and a short description of why you would be good for the role.


SUTCo Committee Application Form 


You must also be Firsted and Seconded by two members of the society. Please remember that, as we are a working committee, every member of Sheffield Students' Union is a member of SUTCo! 


The Election Process Explained


Applicants  will be given time to present  a short speech about why they would be the right candidate for the job, their ideas and visions for the future of SUTCo and to explain their qualifications and motivations for applying for the role. The times allowed are as follows:


Chair - 7 mins

Technical Manager - 5 mins

Other Committee Roles - 3 mins


These times will be the same for any speeches made in a by-election.


The floor will then be opened for questions from members of the society, after which a vote will be taken (based on the AV voting system, with the possibility to Reopen Nominations if no candidate is deemed acceptable for the job).

Candidates applying for general committee roles must attend BOTH voting sessions, and present and answer questions at each. There will only be one voting session for a by-election.