Exit the King

An absurdist exploration of ego and mortality set in the crumbling throne-room of the palace in an unnamed country, where King Berenger the First has only the duration of the play to live. Once it seemed he ruled over an immense empire and commanded great armies, now his kingdom has shrunk to the confines of his garden wall. Refusing to accept his end, he is attended by his two Queens who must help him face the final inevitable truth of life: death.

Production Team

Director: Hélèna Langfield

Producer: Esme Constanti

Production Manager: Talitha Neesham-McTiernan

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Cast & Crew

King Berenger - Aaron Saint John

Queen Marguerite - Isla Robertson

Queen Marie - Bella Gualano

Doctor - Ellen Trevaskiss

Guard - Will Turner

Juliette - Megan Collier

Stage Manager - Rachel Brew
Deputy Stage Manager - Annabel Lever
Lighting Designer - Jonathan Payne
Lighting Assistant - Michael Palser
Chief Electrician - Lewis Brand
Set Design - Eleanor Westwood
Set Constructors - Finn Lappin, Rachel Towers, Fred Baker
Sound Design - Christopher Peston
Sound Assistant - Isaiah Mitchell
Costume Design - Molly Wyatt
Costume Assistant - Sophie Lambert
Hair/Make-up - Rebecca Patterson
General Crew - Lizzy O'Leary