Female Transport

A stark, hard hitting drama that follows the political education of six women convicted of petty crimes in 19th century London and sentenced to be transported to a life of hard labour in Britain's overseas penal colony (present-day Australia). During the six month voyage they are kept in a cramped cell below deck where they learn certain truths about society. Foremost among these is they have been condemned due to the bias of a male-dominated class system, represented in the play by the crew of the prison ship. Their consciousness raising is powerfully and sympathetically portrayed and at the end of their journey they have grown into a unified bunch of hardened fighters.

Production Team

Director - Katie Kelson

Producer - Mia Young

Production Manager - Simon Alford

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Cast & Crew

Nance - Eleanor Wright

Charlotte - Ellen Trevaskiss

Sarah - Maddie Farnhill

Winnie - Caitlin Johnstone

Pitty - Lorna Dale

Madge - Megan Roberts

Sarge - Jack Goodison

Tommy - Xander Gillespie

Surgeon - Kieran Jenkins

Captain - Nathan Sloane

Stage Manager - Hélèna Langfield
Deputy Stage Manager - Annabel Lever
Lighting Designer - Lewis Brand
Lighting Operator - Elizabeth O'Leary
Sound Designer - Tab Taylor
Sound Operator - Stella Mackinnon
Set Designer - Richard Almond
Set Constructors - Catherine Jiaqi Zhang, Finn Lappin and Kate Flood
Costume Designer - Molly Wyatt
Hair & Make-Up: Esme Constanti and Rachel Brew
Chief Electrician: Jonathan Payne