Welcome to the SUTCo Spotlight!

Jordan Mayers, Vice Chair

Hi! I’m Jordan, I’m a third year psychology student and the Vice Chair of the society. This means I’m responsible for helping out Pippa as much as I can and supporting the rest of committee, as well as overseeing welfare and inclusions for the society. This means if you have a problem with anything SUTCo, I’m your gal.


How did you get into SUTCo?

I went to uni with the sole intentions of a) getting a degree, ideally and b) taking up a hobby, because I was bored of doing nothing in my free time. There are an alarming amount of societies at the union, so I narrowed my interest down to theatre – I always enjoyed Drama at GCSE (and was vaguely alright at it), but had never done any since, so I wanted to delve in a bit deeper. I went along to auditions as a dewy-eyed young fresher, got to play a weird scary doctor in Blackbird, and here we are now.


Proudest moment in SUTCo?

Ooh, I have a few. Getting cast in my first ever show is an obvious one because I had very little acting experience beforehand so it was a really pleasant surprise! Similarly, getting voted on to committee last year and onto senior committee this year. It’s nice to know my fellow members have at least a little bit of faith in me.

The ultimate, though, would be producing My Mate Dave Died. Producing was a real challenge as anyone who has done it will tell you, but I was rewarded with a sell-out drama studio run and some of the best few months of my life - and that’s not even getting started on taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in summer. Both the original run and Fringe run went so well I’m still kind of waiting for the bubble to burst!



What are you most excited about this year?

I have a soft-spot for new writing, probably because the first shows I was cast in and produced were new, so I’m really looking forward to finally getting to see monster. and 3.14*, and of course whatever new writing crops up for next semester. I’m also going to lay on the cringe and say I’m super excited to see people getting stuck into SUTCo – from a more social perspective, too. SUTCo did wonders for my confidence and taught me a lot about myself, and I know it’s done the same thing for a lot of my friends – so I’m happy for everyone who has some brilliant times coming. Turning cringe off.



Most embarrassing/funniest story in SUTCo?

Doing an accent that was meant to be Scottish, on stage, for 10 minutes, 4 nights in a row. Somehow making up an accent for a region that doesn’t exist. Then slightly changing said non-existent regional accent throughout the same scene, multiple times. Do not ask me about this.


Rumours are circulating that you’re on the verge of usurping Pippa as chair, how do you respond to these claims?

No comment.


If you were a SUTCo show, what would you be and why?

Is it boring to say My Mate Dave Died? The humour in it is so similar to mine, and the difference between the comedic scenes and the more dramatic plot-driven scenes are the difference between me full of caffeine on a Wednesday afternoon and me... whenever that isn’t the case. It was also a week 3 show and I like to think I too peak before any uni work really starts happening.

If that is too boring, maybe The 24 Hour Musical, because I am so mysterious and exciting and inspire so much intrigue across the society. And also musicals are really modest and humble just like me.


Any advice to new people in the society?

Get stuck into everything and anything! It’s a cliché but it’s so true that you shouldn’t let being nervous or new to something hold you back. You’ll never have a chance quite like this to do as much theatre as you want, as an actor, techie or production team member, so just take a chance on anything you think you’d like to try.

*Jordan would like me to remind you that she knows this isn't the name of the play, and that her response is purely for comedic purposes.