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Kane, Ryan and Simon - Robin Hood Prod Team

Ahead of our week 5 show, Robin Hood: The Truth Behind the Green Tights, I caught up with Kane (director), Ryan (producer) and Simon (production manager) to check up on how rehearsals were going.

George: Hey guys, thanks for coming down. Firstly, for those that don't know the show - what is 'Robin Hood: The Truth Behind the Green Tights' all about?

Kane: The story is about a man called Albert Ross during the story of Robin Hood. He represents the common working man, and isn’t too fond of Robin Hood and the way he throws up the status quo. Ross just wants to pay his taxes however unreasonable they are and live his life.
After getting involved in everything he ends up having to be part of the story and interact with Robin and the Sheriff despite just wanting to get on with his life. For him, Robin is an unnecessary complication in his life.  He describes the situation as “it’s not really us he’s doing it for, its himself." This is what interested me so much about the play – this new perspective on such an iconic story.

G: So Ryan, first time producing. How have you found it?

Ryan: I’ve kind of liked it…? I was speaking to Pippa the other day and she was shocked I was enjoying my first time producing. I like being organised and although I’m not a control freak as such, I like getting things done and being on time. Just working with these guys has been great – I knew Kane more than I knew Simon but we’ve all got really close and it’s been really nice, and even though it’s been fast paced its been so worthwhile. I know it’s cliche but it’ll be hard not seeing them everyday after this.


*Kane cries*

G:  It’s ridiculous that we’re sitting here now and you’re all wearing your show hoodies 9 days before the show.

R: Thankyou! But yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it. Speaking to sponsors, trying to get money, failing to get money. It’s been great.

G: Simon, talk to me about tech. Any nuggets you wanna give away? Any boulders?


Simon: Well I haven’t told Kane yet but I’m sneaking in 3 or 4 projectors…


G: I saw that in the trailer and felt personally attacked...


K: Oh no! That goes back to attempting to use projection before. I think it’s all managed to be sorted out now. But no projection here.


R: It would have failed for us anyway.


S: But it would have annoyed Kane in the process, so that would have been funny… But yeah. We’re going big on set. It’s gonna be big. There’s not really lots to say – lights and sound will make sense with the script but there’s nothing that’s going to be new to SUTCo, but we are going big with set.

G: How the rehearsal process been? Obviously week 5 is notoriously mad…


S: I haven’t slept in 3 weeks!


K: The rehearsals themselves have been going really well, the cast have been so consistently brilliant, lines being learnt early on, they’ve been really on board with it. The show has a lot of scenes so we’ve been doing a couple of scenes here and a couple of scenes there to fit in everyone’s schedule, but when they turn up they’re there 100% and it’s been great to see.


S: Just been really impressed since I have turned up how well they are doing. I’m not particularly important at the beginning but the stuff I’ve been is amazing.


R: It’s been really good – rehearsals are my time to work as well as watching, and seeing it all come together is really nice, I’m looking forward to taking a back seat, not giving notes and enjoying it. The cast were all great in auditions, and because it was week 5 we needed that, but rehearsals have been full of energy and everyone’s brought their characters to the table already.


K: There’s not been that much need to give massive notes, its been a lot of fine detailing really, they’ve come in and understood the characters almost completely, its great to see from day 1 how much we could work with.


G: Any moments in the show to look out for Favourite moments?


R: My favourite moment it one that actually feels like it shouldn’t be in a comedy – it’s quite a romantic scene between Robin Hood and Maid Marian, and the way the actors do it is really great. Although it is a comedy and you need comic timing, you could take it out and put it in a serious play and it would do really well. And that makes me really excited to see what all our cast do in a serious play, whether that is next semester or next year.


K: Personally, I have a couple of favourite scenes, one of my favourite characters is Mouth , and I love the way Ellen plays it. There’s one scene in the dungeon where Mouth is essentially Gollum. It’s really funny to see the character. There’s quite a few funny interacts with that character.


S: Egg scene. Let’s leave it that. It’s brilliant.


G: Anything else you want saying?


K: There are moments in the show where you completely forget it’s a comedy. Some moments we’ve actually had to take out because we felt they didn’t fit the show. It’s really just how strong the cast are – they can take you out of the comedy for a second and make you feel for the characters. You’ll forget that it’s a comedy, and then you’ll snap straight back into it. It’s really nice to see.

Robin Hood: The Truth Behind the Green Tights

Wednesday 24th October - Saturday 27th October 2018

Doors open at 7:00, Show starts at 7:30 

£5 adv. Wednesday

£7 (£6 adv.) Thursday - Saturday

Sheffield University Drama Studio, Glossop Road

Tickets available here