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Megan Roberts - 'The Ghost Light' Writer/Director (Week 3)

"There is a real-life tradition in theatres that a light should be left on once everyone leaves so that the ghosts may perform plays of their own..... and 'The Ghost Light' by Megan Roberts tells this tale. Join the cast of ghosts as we see them put together their play using comedy, improvisation and some number of spoons, whilst realising that someone, somewhere is trying to get rid of these phantom thespians once and for all."

What drove you to write and direct the show?


I wanted to write the show as I enjoy putting together pieces which make people laugh, and when I heard about the superstition of leaving on a light for ghosts to perform plays I really wanted to see that used for a show in of itself! I wanted to direct as I've had experience in the past but never the chance to work as a director in such a large theatre and with such a big society, and I think it'll be a fantastic chance to explore my skills and the skills of so many other talented people.

Why should people audition for 'The Ghost Light'?

Everyone should come along to audition as there is a large cast with varied characters, ranging from all-out comedic, to suspiciously villainous, pretend technical teams and even arguing ghost directors! Actors will have the chance to create scenes of short improvisation every night, the sillier the better, but don't need to good at improv to join in. My aim is for this play to put a smile not only on the audience's face, but also on the face of everyone involved, so it'll be a really enjoyable project to work on.


Any tips for those auditioning?

Tips for auditionees are to (so cliché I know, but genuinely true!) have fun, relax as much as is possible as that way their confidence will shine through, and to not worry about getting every tiny detail perfect - it's an audition, of course it won't be of the same quality as the final performance! Be ready to have a laugh, and really don't worry about improvising - that's only an added bonus that won't affect people's casting in the overall show.

Rachel and Iz - 'And Then There Were None' Directors (Week 5)

"Ten strangers, apparently with little in common, are lured to an island mansion off the coast of Devon by the mysterious U.N.Owen. Over dinner, a record begins to play, and the voice of an unseen host accuses each person of hiding a guilty secret. That night one of the strangers gets murdered. One down and nine to go! A nursery rhyme tells how each of the ten “soldiers” met his death until there were none. The tension escalates as the survivors realise the killer is not only among them but is preparing to strike again… and again…"

What drove you to direct the show?

We chose this play because it is an extremely exciting play with complex characters that we think that many actors would hugely enjoy taking part in. It also includes some interesting tech that many technicians would be interested in undertaking. It suits the student theatre style with a pretty even gender split and with topics and themes that everyone, young and old, would enjoy.

Why should people audition for 'And Then There Were None'?

We really think that everyone should audition for this show for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this is the first classic "whodunit" play SUTCo has done it a while and it's a really exciting genre of piece to get involved with. Secondly - without giving too many spoilers - all the characters are drawn to this island for something bad they've done in the past. This will be really interesting for actors to get their teeth into and really explore the nitty gritty of every character. Finally, it's a well know show with an author who is know for writing incredible stories and this one definitely doesn't disappoint, and so it would be a shame to miss out on an opportunity to be involved.

Any tips for those auditioning?

Handy hints - despite this being a well know play that you may have seen before or at least heard of, were really looking for people to bring their own interpretation to the piece, and so would be great to not look to in-depth into any pieces that have been performed before. Apart from that just bring your wonderful self and get ready for some fun ol' auditions. We're super excited to see what you all bring to the table!

Our audition process is really relaxed so there is no need to prepare anything, just come down, have a go and enjoy yourselves! You can audition for both shows, or only one if you prefer. We welcome all new faces, with no experience required, and encourage anyone interested in theatre or acting to come and get stuck in!

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to message us, or email us at theatre.company@sheffield.ac.uk


Friday 7th December: 38 Mappin Street, Classrooms 1,4 and 5.

Saturday 8th December: Diamond Workrooms 1,2 and 3.
12:00-5:00pm. BRING YOUR UCARDS!


Sunday 9th December: Octagon Meeting Rooms 1,2,3 and 4