Welfare Statement

SUTCo's Welfare and Inclusions Officer this year is Isaiah Mitchell (he/him). The welfare of our members and audiences is a priority at SUTCo, and I’m here to ensure that this is considered across all aspects of what we do as a Working Committee. Come and say ‘hi’ if you see me around!

SUTCo is an inclusive and accessible society. We welcome those of any ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and those with any disabilities, including mental health issues. 


Below you’ll find some information about our approach to welfare, inclusions and accessibility. If you have any queries about this information or how it applies to you, please get in touch with me on sutcowelfare@gmail.com.

Challenging Themes and Content Warnings

A welfare matrix is an integral part of our proposals system so that we can ensure any potentially distressing themes are dealt with in the most appropriate way, both throughout the rehearsal process and during the run. Where necessary, content warnings feature on our show publicity, website and in Front of House.

Welfare Wednesday

Welfare Wednesdays are an opportunity to have a face-to-face, confidential chat with our Inclusions and Welfare Officer about any issues or concerns you may have regarding inclusions, welfare, or accessibility within SUTCo. They take place at 2-3 every Wednesday during term time. Please visit our Facebook page for details of the location.

 If you'd like to email ahead or would prefer to discuss things over email, please use the email address: sutcowelfare@gmail.com. Only Isaiah will have access to this account and emails sent here will not be shared without your permission. All welfare related communications with Isaiah need to take place via this channel, and not through her private email/phone number etc.

If you wish to make an anonymous comment, please use the link to the online form: https://forms.gle/yJbqSKJeWF4zDL998. Please consider how you use this form, as we will not be able to respond to you directly, as we won’t know who you are!


SUTCo is committed to creating accessible theatre. The Drama Studio is wheelchair accessible, and accessibility information will be provided for any shows in alternative venues. We are working with the university’s Disabled and Dyslexic Students Committee to accommodate a wider range of accessibility needs.

We also provide a relaxed performance of each show, with reduced lighting and sound effects and a touch tour before the show.

'Quiet' Scheme

Unfortunately, we cannot ensure that every venue SUTCo uses for performances, rehearsals, workshops, and socials has easily accessible quiet spaces. However, we recognise the need for these, particularly in cases of disability and/or mental health issues.

So, if you ever feel overwhelmed taking part in any SUTCo activity, just say ‘Quiet’ to any member of committee, production team or crew. We’ll help you find a quiet area immediately, no questions asked.