Hi! I’m Jack Goodison, your Vice-Chair and inclusions/welfare officer for 2018/19, which means I’m your go-to if there’s anything regarding your welfare that you’d like to discuss (or if you just want to have a chat). Say hi if you see me around!”


Welfare for both our members and audiences is something which we are continuously aiming to improve to give the best possible experience for everyone involved with SUTCo.


All of our shows now feature warnings about the themes involved. We have added a welfare matrix as an integral part of our proposals system so we are fully aware of what themes are involved in a show and can ensure appropriate warnings are on our publicity, including our website, posters and Front of House. A member of senior committee is assigned to each show for you to talk to if you have welfare issues concerning a show you are partaking in, as well as the show's Tech Officer as your committee representative. 

If you have any issues regarding SUTCo you'd like to discuss, Welfare Wednesdays are there for you chat to privately and as informally (or formally) as you like. Welfare Wednesdays take place at 3-4pm every Wednesday, so look out for our Facebook posts updating you on the location each week, or email if you are unsure!

If you have something you’d like to talk about but would prefer to discuss things over email, please email at sutcowelfare@gmail.com. Only the welfare officers will see these, and emails sent here will not be shared without your permission.

Finally, if you have any general comment you'd like to make about the society to suggest improvements, or would like to make us aware of something anonymously, please use our feedback form: https://goo.gl/forms/RvfmsrFVgB4Ae7oj1. This will be open all year for you to pass on your comments to committee as easily as possible.